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Dr. Wolfram Lacher

Research Division:

Africa and Middle East Senior Associate

Research Division:

Megatrends Afrika Project Director

Areas of Expertise

Short Curriculum vitae

since 2022 Project Director of Megatrends Afrika

2018 PhD, Political Science, Humboldt University, Berlin

since 2010 at SWP

2007-2010 North Africa Analyst, Control Risks, London

2006 MSc, Violence, Conflict & Development, SOAS, London

2001-2005 Political Science, Arabic and African Studies in Leipzig, Paris and Cairo

SWP Publications

Publications of the Megatrends Afrika project

External publications

Book reviews

Selected reviews of:

Wolfram Lacher
Libya’s Fragmentation
Structure and Process in Violent Conflict
I.B. Tauris, London 2020, 304 S., ISBN 978-0-755-60081-6

»Lacher makes a significant contribution to scholarship on contemporary events in Libya and to conflict studies more broadly.« – Tim Eaton, in: The Cairo Review of Global Affairs, Summer 2020, Libya’s Fragmentation: Novel ways to understand why the Libyan revolution occurred and moves toward its resolution – Book Reviews – The Cairo Review of Global Affairs

»An indispensable work for anyone interested in Libya and North Africa, as well as in armed conflicts more generally« – Judith Scheele, in: Politique Africaine 160 (2020), Libya’s Fragmentation: Structure and Process in Violent Conflict – Revues des Livres – Polaf n° 160

»A remarkable combination of fieldwork and theory, Libya’s Fragmentation is highly recommended for diplomats, journalists, and scholars.« – Ronald Bruce St John, in: The Middle East Journal, Autumn 2020, Libya’s Fragmentation: Structure and Process in Violent Conflict by Wolfram Lacher – Review – The Middle East Journal


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