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  • Joint Futures: A Fresh Look at Germany’s Africa Policy

    What does it mean to shape a forward-looking Africa policy? How can German Africa policy be further developed and reimagined? These are questions we want to explore in our new blog series Joint Futures. It serves as a platform where diverse voices from academia, policy and civil society discuss their thoughts, ideas and visions on Germany's Africa Policy.

What We Are Working On

  • Violent Actors and Transformation of Conflict

    The number of conflicts in Africa is on the rise, as are their victims. What new political orders emerge as armed non-state actors proliferate? How do megatrends affect conflict dynamics and warfare?


  • Megatrends between Democracy and Autocracy

    Megatrends will increasingly shape political authority in Africa. These processes of change can promote democratic structures, but they can also encourage autocratic tendencies. At the moment, the latter is the dominant trend in many states around the world.

  • Global Power Shift and Multipolarity

    The global balance of power is shifting towards a multipolar and fragmented world order. States like China, Russia, the United Arab Emirates, or Turkey offer African states new forms of cooperation. African governments may choose from a wider selection of partners and forms of cooperation.

  • Why We Should Talk About Megatrends in Africa

    Megatrends have become ubiquitous phenomena in public policy debates. A thorough understanding of what this concept entails is often missing. We want to address this gap by unpacking the notion “megatrend” and tracing the significance it has for understanding the transformation of African societies.